quality mangment in Health care organizatiom

please help me with this assignment here are 2 case study beter to assigne 5 pages to each case study
assignment 1
Case Study:

A 250-bed governmental hospital providing all medical care services except open heart and oncology services. There are 30 ICU beds and 10 ICU Pediatric beds. The number of outpatient clinics is 120 clinics distributed over 4-storey building.

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The Board of the hospital requested a “Health Consultant Company” to assess the “Quality of Services” provided. The report submitted by the Consultant Company indicated the following issues:

1. The building of the hospital is old and it requires continuous maintenance;
2. Several of the diagnostic equipments including radiology and laboratory medicine are out of date and some are not working;
3. There is no well-developed “Human Resources Department” and all files of staff are not well-organized;
4. “Information Technology Department” is under-developed and it requires major improvement;
5. No “Total Quality Management Department”;
6. There are problems with staff satisfaction and retention;
7. Poor “Parking” facilities for outpatient areas;
8. Lack of biomedical preventive maintenance;
9. A lot of safety incompliance have been noticed;
10. The number of staff is more than 2,500 with insufficient number of nursing staff.

You have been appointed to lead a Team to develop a “Strategic Plan” for the next 5 years to improve on the quality of care and the environment of the hospital to achieve CBAHI Accreditation Standards and to deal with all the issues raised by the report of the external consultant.
Answer the following questions in relation to above case:

1. Describe the membership of the individuals you need to have in your Team from the Hospital staff available.

2. Using SWOT analysis, identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats as part of the environment situational analysis for the above Hospital.

3. Based on your SWOT and future objectives of the Hospital, suggest six (6) strategies that you have developed and used as part of the action plan to develop a strategic plan for the next 5-year for the above Hospital.

assignment 2
Case Study:

You have been appointed as an Acting Chairman of Performance Improvement Committee in a new 150-bed hospital. The number of staff of this new hospital includes 60 consultants, 200 nurses and technicians, 35 administration staff. A total of 300 patients are seen at the OPD clinics with an occupancy rate of 48% for inpatients.

Answer the following questions.

1. What are the main functions of your committee in relation to TQM program within the hospital?

2. Who are the expected members on your committee? List by function/department.

3. How frequently does your PIC have to meet?

4. With the aid of a diagram, show the position of the TQM Department in the hospital organization chart?

5. How do you identify quality issues for the first 2 years of your quality activities within the hospital?

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