Management of Quality in Healthcare Organizations

Please assist me with this task. Here are two case studies that should each be given five pages. One Case Study

A 250-bed public hospital offering all medical treatments, excluding oncology and open heart surgery. There are 10 pediatric ICU beds and 30 adult ICU beds. There are 120 outpatient clinics in total, which are spread out over a four-story structure.

The hospital’s Board of Directors asked a “Health Consultant Company” to evaluate the “Quality of Services” rendered. The Consultant Company’s report, which was submitted, identified the following problems:

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1. The hospital’s structure needs ongoing repair; 2. A number of the diagnostic tools, particularly those for radiology and laboratory medicine, are outdated and some are broken; 3.
3. The “Human Resources Department” is underdeveloped, and the organization of all employee files is poor;
4. The “Information Technology Department” needs to be significantly improved because it is underdeveloped;
5. Absence of the “Total Quality Management Department”
6. There are issues with employee retention and job satisfaction;
7. Insufficient “Parking” options for outpatient regions;
8. A lack of biomedical maintenance and preventative care;
9. Numerous safety violations have been found;
10. There are more than 2,500 employees, yet there aren’t enough nurses.

You have been given the responsibility of leading a team that will create a “Strategic Plan” for the hospital’s improvement over the next five years in order to meet CBAHI Accreditation Standards and address every concern brought up in the external consultant’s report.
Regarding the situation mentioned above, respond to the following questions:

1. List the team members that you must assemble from the hospital staff that is on hand.

2. As part of the environment situational analysis for the aforementioned hospital, list the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats using the SWOT analysis.

3. Provide six (6) tactics that you have established and employed as part of the action plan to develop a strategy plan for the aforementioned Hospital’s next five years based on your SWOT analysis and the institution’s future goals.

second assignment Case Study

In a brand-new hospital with 150 beds, you have been chosen to serve as the Performance Improvement Committee’s interim chairman. This new hospital employs 60 consultants, 200 nurses and technicians, and 35 administrative personnel. The OPD clinics see 300 patients in total, with a 48% inpatient occupancy rate.

Respond to the following queries.

1. What are the key responsibilities of your committee in connection to the hospital’s TQM program?

2. Who are the anticipated committee members? List each department or function.

3. How often must your PIC have meetings?

4. Using a graphic, where does the TQM Department fit into the organizational structure of the hospital?

5. How do you spot quality problems within the first two years of your hospital’s quality activities?



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