Question – What is an invasive or alien species? Why do they pose such a serious

Question – What is an invasive or alien species? Why do they pose such a serious problem for ecologists? Select one and describe it’s influence.Answer – Invasive species are ‘pest’ (including humans) which invade areas they are foreign to. These pest are called invasive, because they grow populations in new areas, and the uncontrolled growth of the pest population causes economic & environmental issues.An example is the glassy-winged sharpshooter which is native to places such as Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. However, this pest has made it’s way on a shipment to California. Since, it has been discovered in California the pest has populated & spread it’s bacteria on the grapes, and other crops grown there (Hoddle).Ecologist study the relationship between plants, animals, and the environment. Also, they teach us to understand & to appreciate the Earth; which we live in and need to sustain life. Invasive species contribute to the loss of life forms (species) on the planet. Therefore, it constitutes a serious problem for ecologist, who have to work extremely hard to educate communities on the effects of invasive species, while simultaneously counting losses from the destruction of the ‘pest’ (” Ecology and Evolutionary Biology”).Course Hero Question – Provide a meaningful response to the answer above.Course Hero Criteria – Minimum 100 word limit and no page requirement; cite any source(s) used. References – Hoddle , Mark. “” Center of Invasive Species Research. University of California, Riverside, n.d. Web. 7 Oct 2012.

“Environmental Change and Biodiversity.” Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Cornell University, n.d. Web. 7 Oct 2012.


AnswerI appreciate writer for such a well defined answer but, here I would like to add thatinvasive species are not always harmful since; these may offer few advantages as well forinstance;…

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