Race, Racism and Representation in a music video

Race, Racism and Representation in a music video.


Paper details:

The final paper should be at least a 6-page paper that builds upon your course presentation (or a related topic). You should cite any and all sources. Remember that the point of this exercise is to apply/illustrate a theory or theoretical concept from the course. Be detailed and specific. And good quality writing counts.The main purpose of the paper is to apply a course theory, perspective or concept to a specific example of (popular) culture. That should thus be your goal. The paper should be organized as follows: A. Introduction B. Discussion of main pop culture example C. Analysis/application of course theory/concept, with some explanation/clarification of the theory D. Conclusion E. Works cited Theory: Race, Racism, and Representation a specific example of (popular) culture: A Music/ music video *Please choose a music/music video that examines the relationships between issues of race and popular culture *Please let me know the title of the song as soon as you choose one. Thanks.

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