Racial Discrimination in Clinical Trials The Pill Trials in Puerto Rico

Racial Discrimination in Clinical Trials: The Pill Trials in Puerto Rico

Racial Discrimination in Clinical Trials: The Pill Trials in Puerto Rico
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30 pages; article quality; abstract for publishing; references need to be turned in (can only use references that will be provided to student). Must use Laura Briggs’s “Reproducing Empire: Race, Sex, Science, and U.S. Imperialism in Puerto Rico” and Barbara Seaman’s “The Doctor’s Case Against the Pill” (I can purchase the books and send then if they are not available at your library). The article should consider the history of the Birth Control Pill and the legislation that was enacted (and still needs to be enacted) in order to require consent and remove racial disparities when doing clinical trials. The US needed a place to conduct these clinical testings and PR was the perfect place in the 1950’s since no laws existed regarding the need for consent in clinical trials. Also, strict FDA regulations were not present in PR at the time. The article should discuss the racial discrimination underlying in the Pill Trials in PR and how legislation (like consent laws and clinical trial regulations) was enacted to regulate the area. The article should also look at how the Public Health system (like awareness and education) can help clinical trials grow free of racial disparities. The article should talk about the ethical and legal issues that lead to the regulation of clinical trials in the US and, consequently, PR (US federal laws that also apply to PR). The article should propose that more legislation, regulation, and Public Health education and awareness need to be promoted in order to ensure that we end racial disparities in clinical trials.

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