Rate of the metabolic reactions

1) The rhythmic contractions of digestive system which pass the food through system are known as ______.   The chemical formed by the pancreas which helps to neutralize the contents of intestine is known as ______.   An enzyme which breaks down the carbohydrates which is found within the mouth and in the intestine is known ______.     ______ is an enzyme in the stomach which digests proteins.    ______ is an enzyme which breaks fats or lipids down.   ______ is not an enzyme but does help to break down fats by emulsifying them.

2) The overall rate of the metabolic reactions within the body when it is at rest is known as the ______.   The ______ involves this rate at rest however also involves any activities which uses the energy as well (moving, exercise).   Two factors which affect the BMR are ______ and ______ as well as amount of hormone ______.   The overall level of activity has a strong effect on the ______.




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