Reaction Paper

Each reaction paper will be a 2-page, double-spaced typed response that addresses each of the following questions in the form of a complete sentence or as a short answer. Well argued perspectives, familiarity with the readings, concise writing style, and proofread papers are expected.

Major Claims: What is/are the major claim(s) set forth by the author(s)? A claim is the basic argument of a writer, which is then proven over the course of the article. Rather than trying to detail every nuance of a writer’s claim(s), try to narrow your choice down to one specific or overarching claim that can be summarized in one or two sentences.

Significance/Impact: What do you think is significant about these claims? In other words, how do these claims impact the study of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies?

Important Concepts: In your opinion, what are two important/interesting concepts or terms introduced in the reading? How would you summarize or define these using your own words?

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