Read the following picture and answer what they need correctly iii pczrr’tal.i_u

Read the following picture and answer what they need correctly
iii pczrr’ 10 Assessment The method of assessment for this module has been designed to test a? the learning outcomes. Students must demonstrate successful achievement of these learning outcomes to pass the module.Number of Form of 36 Site of Category of LearningAssessments Assessment weighting Assesmentffluration! assessment OutcomesWont count [indicative beingonl-fl assessed1 Essay 5096 2500 Words Coursework 3. MODULE Pass REQUIREMENTS To pass this module. students must achieve an overall weighted average of 40% or above. ESSAY Students are required to answer one of the lfollowing questions In the form of a continuous essayofapproximatelr LEM words [none]. The essay should be written using Harvard Referencingto support your discussion and ideas. You should use data. graphs and diagrams whereappropriate in order to achieve Learning Outcome 3: Application of analysis tools. Deadline:January 5, 2019. The reassessment essays and their deadline dates wiil be announced later during the academic rear. {if—firm“? economists strong”.I support that small businesses are the backbone of an lei-“Based on the Annual Report of European SMEs 20161’201? from the European H Commission and particularly on Table 12, explain how the economic environmentlprouiding specific country examples] Is related with the change in population of activeenterprises {in 9E} from 2009 to 2014+ Mnual Repo ..-.. 4 I1 Link: 1.|__.._ _. assessment “mm“ —

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