Reading Comprehension

write a reflective/ARGUMENTATIVE essay. Your paper must be well-formatted and sources appropriately cited. Please access and read the assigned material, and then write reflective/argumentative essay on it for no less than 4 pages (with appropriate citations). The bibliography page must be in an alphabetical order. The report or analysis should cover the following: • the authors’ thesis stated in a few sentences • author’s purpose in or for writing the article • what is the author’s methodology or approach? • what targeted audience does the author have in mind? • what is the possible conclusion that can be drawn from reading the article? • how would you assess the article in terms of its value and quality? • what is the rationale for the article, and do you agree or disagree with the author? • what arguments would you have to explain/justify its strength or weakness? • did you interview or communicate with the author, when, how, and about what? • share any other comments, remarks or suggestions, etc.

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