Refer to the Excel spreadsheet named “Education” (sheet 3) to answer the followi

Refer to the Excel spreadsheet named “Education” (sheet 3) to answer the following questions. You have been selected to be the Teaching Assistant for an Introduction to Statistics class this semester. The Professor wants to know if the students’ Pre-Test grades are correlated with their first Exam grades. The Excel file the Professor gave includes a randomly selected set of scores for the Pre-Test and Exam 1 from a past class of students.1. Calculate the correlation between Pre-Test and Exam 1.2. Is the relationship linear? As the Pre-Test score increases does the Exam 1 score increase also?3. What percentage of the variation in Exam 1 scores is accounted for by the Pre-Test scores?The Professor would also like you to create a regression equation for future semesters to predict student’s Exam 1 grades from their Pre-Test scores.4. Let the Exam 1 grades be the dependent variable and the Pre-Test scores be the independent variable. Determine the Regression Equation.5. Estimate the Exam 1 grade for a student that received a grade of 16 on the Pre-Test.

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