Refer to the “Social and Cultural Paper Writing Instructions” for a detailed explanation of the requirements for the Social and Cultural Diversity Paper that you will be developing throughout the course.

Social and Cultural Diversity Paper

You may find a thorough explanation of the specifications for the Social and Cultural Diversity Paper in the “Social and Cultural Paper Writing Instructions” that you will be creating during the semester.

Create a paper outline that includes the following information:


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Understanding cultural diversity

The main body should follow the “Social and Cultural Paper Writing Instructions”‘s content criteria.

Conclusion When necessary, consult the following website for more information on the outline format. Please use the attached document to complete the quiz.
Writing Guidelines for Social and Cultural Diversity Papers
The student must recognize and consider any personal biases they may have towards gender, religion, sexual or gender orientation, color, socioeconomic class, handicap status, or culture for the Social and Cultural Diversity Paper (1,750–2,000 words). This essay aims to increase the student’s degree of understanding of diverse groups on a personal and professional level.
Prepare this assignment in accordance with the APA standards outlined in the Student Success Center’s APA Style Guide. No abstract is necessary.
A rubric is used to grade this task. Before starting the task, please examine the rubric to familiarize yourself with the criteria for success.
Process Timeline
The Social and Cultural Diversity Paper project will be completed in five phases, with each step being submitted and marked on a regular basis during the course.
2) Due Week 1: Outline
References (Pending Week 4)
3) First publication (due next week)
4) Last Paper (8th Week Due)
Content Restrictions
Use a three-part framework for this essay, adhering to the recommendations below:
Part 1
You must identify details from your own personal past for the paper’s first section. To assist with your reflections, consider the following questions:
1) Recognize your own biases and how they could affect how you approach counseling. Keep in mind that everyone has biases. Not projecting them onto your clientele is not the idea.
It is advised that you discuss your cultural prejudices.
2) Give a brief account of your personal past, including any instances of discrimination you may have encountered and how your cultural upbringing may have affected those instances. If you don’t have any personal experiences, explain why you think this is the case.
3) List instances in which you came into contact with someone from a different culture and the experiences you had as a result. Be precise.
4) How has your life experience changed the way you might interact with others who are different from you? Be precise.
Part 2
You must show that you grasp the ideas of racism and discrimination in the paper’s second section. To assist with your reflections, consider the following questions:
1) What exactly does it mean to be a subliminal racist? Please include a definition and an example that are referenced.
2) How are members of the same ethnic group’s perceptions and values likely to differ so widely? Be precise.
Part 3
A review and analysis of the ACA and NAADAC codes of ethics are required in the third section of your essay. The following can serve as a guide for your reflection:
1) Describe how the ACA and NAADAC codes of ethics will affect your practice.
a) Specify the ACA and NAADA multicultural codes that you will use to guide your practice and cite them.
2) What have you discovered about the value of cultural awareness in treatment planning?
3) How do communication methods and ways of asking for assistance vary among cultures?
4) How might rapport-building techniques vary depending on culture?
5) Look into the fundamental causes of the various therapy modalities.
a) Research treatment procedures and cultural prejudices in a number of specialized journals.
b) Locate potential sources of cultural bias within these activities.
6) What sources could you use to learn more about cultural diversity? Cite sources that will help you overcome your preconceptions.

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