Subject: Introspection and Assessment
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Regarding the first task, please take a look at the instructions below, the scoring rubric, and general comments.
4. If you have any questions regarding my previous employers, At Domino’s Pizza, Perfect Pizza, ASDA Superstore, and an off-licence, I’ve worked part-time as a driver and a checkout assistant. As a hackney carriage driver in Brighton and Hove, I now only work on the weekends.

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1,500 words, one-on-one report

Examining the module:

Use scholarly concepts, theories, and models to study and analyse one or two management- and development-related events that you have personally had or witnessed. Determine the relevant contributing factors and draw conclusions from your experience(s).

Content and possible evaluation criteria (exact details are provided in the mark grid):
1. Selecting one or two current and authentic experiences What was the situation? What prompted this decision? What difficulties did they have in terms of developing and managing people? How did you take part?

2. Analysing the chosen experience(s) using the proper concepts, theories, and/or models and providing a multidimensional analysis of them, including: a. recognising the boundaries of the theories, concepts, and modules you employed in your analysis.
b. Support your claims with examples and evidence.
c. The application of ideas, theories, and models to the chosen experience(s) should take precedence; do not just describe them. Make your own language your own. There shouldn’t be any lengthy paraphrasing from the works of other authors or copying and pasting from other sources; rather, quotes should only come from people who specifically addressed the experience(s) being discussed.

3. Use examples and data to support your ideas; you selected role models and established good connections to existing or future behaviour.

4. Based on your study of your experience(s), make a concise conclusion that lists the crucial components for leading and developing people.

5. The references you use in your essay must be connected to the concepts, theories, and models you employ. The document should conclude with a thorough list of all references utilised, but only those you cited and used in your report.

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