WATCH BROKE BACK MOUNTAIN The purpose of this assignment is to provide the opportunity for critical thinking, a beginning understanding of social justice, increase capacity to apply social work philosophy, values, and ethics to a social justice issue, and develop writing skills using APA format. Watch the movie. paying attention to why you are watching it this time and focusing on the social justice issue(s). *After watching the movie, using the goals and purpose of social work, the six core values, ethics, diversity, and the micro, mezzo, and macro concepts, write a reflection paper relating to on the character in the movie, incorporating at least three of the areas listed above (core values, ethics, micro, mezzo, etc…). *If you were the client’s social worker, what would you do to assist the client and how would the things listed in #2 apply? *You will submit a 3 page APA-formatted paper that is typed, double-spaced, using 12-point font (Arial or Times New Roman) and is free from spelling and grammatical errors. This paper must be cited with information from all sources used, both within the text and at the end of the paper. *****The paper should include the following elements: *Summarize the movie’s main points *Basic plot *Listing of main characters and their role in the movie (do not list the actors/actresses) *Identify the social justice issue *Describe the social justice issue in terms of how it was presented *Demonstrate understanding of the issue and how it relates to: -Social work philosophy -Social work values and ethics Think about this issue in the larger perspective. *Discuss who wins and who loses. *If social justice will “level the playing field,” why is this imbalance maintained? *Who is gaining from this imbalance? *How are they gaining? *Cite all of your sources, including the NASW Code of Ethics and the movie you selected.

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