This project requires you to think back on your work, how well you believe you’ve finished it, and how the skills and techniques you’ve picked up along the way might be useful to you in your future academic endeavors.

Using “I, me, my” should be okay since this essay is meant to be analytical and self-evaluative.

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What Was Due:

You must create a double-spaced essay for this project that is between 800 and 1000 words long. The following academic essay components must be included in the paper:

1) A concise beginning, middle, and end

2) An introduction with a distinct thesis statement

3) Support for your claims based on your memories and any course materials (such as textbooks, online resources, course modules, feedback on publications, or conference topics) that you might find pertinent to mention in your discussion.

Self-evaluating your research essay assignment is one strategy.

What You Should Do Is:

You will assess your performance on the research essay assignment in this essay. Your objective is to assess how well you believe the project was accomplished, if you used your research effectively, and whether you made a sensible decision when choosing your topic for research writing.

How You Could Approach This

Since your essay follows the conventional format for academic writing, you might want to attempt the following strategy:

1) Select your thesis statement and create an introduction that supports it. The thesis could start with a sentence like, “My research essay turned out well because… ” or “My research assignment proved challenging because… ” Of course, you can briefly outline your assignment in your introduction.

2) In the body of your essay, describe and evaluate the following:

A) the topic you chose and its reasoning (this should go beyond simple interest and consider whether you thoroughly considered the research potential/problems your topic provided); B) the process by which you chose your research materials and carried out your research. You should provide feedback on the databases you searched in this area using the UMUC Information and Library Services interface. You can also share your thoughts on the search terms you used, any new ones you came up with, and your experience getting full-text articles.

b) How your method performed as you carried it out. Please take into consideration both the triumphs and the challenges in this analysis.

3) discuss your reflection and potential applications in the essay’s conclusion. You should consider what you have just discussed in light of upcoming research projects. You will discuss how the lessons you took away from this assignment can help you fix any issues with your thought process and serve as a reminder of the sound procedures you used to do successful research in the future. Additionally, you should assign yourself a “grade” for your research methodology and experience rather than the essay itself.



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