This assignment is about you. Read the assigned book and comment on how the piece affected you and why. Do not summarize the book at length. Discuss the piece as a clinical social work student in the field of mental health. Remember to draw the piece together into a cohesive whole at the end. Discuss your impressions of the piece holistically, mental health issues that come up in the book, your assessment of the issues, how you might address these issues as a mental health social work practitioner; and particularly, comment on issues in countertransference for you. Apply material we have covered in class. In addition, please comment on thoughts and feelings you have throughout the course on cases held in the field as they relate to the book, as well as news-worthy events as they relate to your readings and the book you select from this literature list.
Think of which characters you identify with the most and why. How have the issues involved with the characters affected you as a human being, and thus as a clinician? What themes are especially important in this piece, and important to you? Do not use superficial themes (e.g. development) but rather; deeper themes (e.g. arrested development with incomplete grieving, true self/false self issues). How might the experiences you have had affect your practice? What issues in neuroscience are evident in this reading? Where do you see yourself needing to grow and how does this piece push you to do so? Talk about your experiences with your clients and how they have impacted you as a clinician and as a human being living in this world. Can you see why the value base of social work is what it is? How do the characters in the book, it?s setting, themes, text, and subtext relate to your experiences as a clinical social worker? HOW DOES THE WORK AFFECT YOU AS A CLINICIAN and AS A HUMAN BEING? What process affect your practice with clients? This is an integrative assignment.

Moyes, J. Me Before You. Penguin Books

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