Religious Liberty in the United States

1. Select an Issue to research regarding Religious Liberty.  Some examples that threaten religious liberty include:

Health Insurance (Should Christian employers be required to fund government-sponsored abortions?)
Equal Rights (Should Christian businesses be required to service homosexual unions?)
Veteran Memorials (Should all cemeteries and memorials be devoid of biblical text and Christian symbols?)
Military Chaplaincy (Should all chaplains (regardless of personal convictions) be required to service people of different faiths?)
Public Education (Should all science teachers instruct students only in evolutionary theory?)
Free Speech/Hate Speech (Should Christians no longer be allowed to proclaim that a certain religious belief is wrong or that a certain activity is morally sinful?)
<If you have another area of religious freedom that you would like to research, email your teacher and see if its okay>
2. Research the Issue
You may use the Internet, books, magazines, newspapers, radio broadcasts, television documentaries, personal interviews, letters to U.S. political figures, and so forth to compile your research for this project.  Just be sure to document your sources in your final project.
3. Present your Findings thoroughly, accurately, and clearly:

a.  Written Essay — compose an essay using at least 750 words.

Your Essay/Presentation should address several essential questions:

    a. Which issue of religious liberty is this presentation is focused on?  Why is it important?

    b. What biblical principles are vital to the issue you have selected?

    c. What groups of people (Christians, Muslims, Jews, atheists, politicians, lobbyists, courts, activist groups, scientific community, media/reporters, business owners, etc.) are affected by this issue?  How does it impact them?

    d. What is the most fair and balanced position for the citizens of the United States?

    e. How would propose this position be implemented?  What penalties would you propose for those who disagreed and were disobedient to the government’s position?


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