Choose a religious activity (such as a ritual, a creative endeavour, etc.). What effect does this practice have on the other principles of that religion’s worldview, including its philosophy, additional rituals, holy stories, symbols, and ethical code? Do any of the religious theorists we’ve examined—Tylor, whose animism and functionalist viewpoints we’ve covered, as well as Frazer, Freud, William James, Durkheim, Marx, Weber, Eliade, and Geertz—provide any useful conceptual frameworks for understanding this practice? If so, what is their name? I need someone who is familiar with these thinkers’ ideas and works. In that case, which tools are helpful and why? How does this approach to analysing one aspect of a religion help us understand it as a whole?

You are free to choose any acceptable practice.

Use the majority of the aforementioned thinkers when using sources, while there is no limit to the amount.

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