Relocate to another community and seek different employment (likely a move from rural to urban areas.

Climate change on Africa The paper is divided into 4 sections. Part A: Introduction/Impacts of Climate change on Africa. Include the impact of climate change on agriculture as agriculture is important to many workers in Africa Part B: Adaptations that is possible for Africa as a way to deal with climate change African residents can: a) Relocate to another community and seek different employment (likely a move from rural to urban areas. b) Change methods; change crops (choose to remain at home) c) Stay at home but choose not to work in agriculture Part C: Mitigation Talk about how the North (industrialized, wealthy) nations could help mitigate the effects of climate change on the South (meaning, less developed nations). This discussion places the blame on the wealthy industrialized nations, as they have high emissions which are causing climate change. Here we are to talk about credits. What are the credits (refers to the option of buying credits from low emission countries so that they can produce more emissions from production). Part D: What are the obligations of industrialized nations to help Africa deal with the problems they will face from climate change? Are the industrialized nations obligated to help? What are your thoughts/views? 2 Think about the four parenting styles. Which do you think is most likely to be linked to behavioral control? Which to psychological control? Why? Does this shed any light on the ways these parenting styles affect adolescents? 3 Can you speculate how recent changes in social communication, such as Internet chat rooms, may alter or broaden the selection of reference groups that adolescents have available? What effects do you think that might have on teen attitudes and behaviors? 4 philosophy political systems and their economic impacts this is the question. œWe have been studying different political systems and their economic impact; the main extremes are socialism and capitalism. In one to two pages define socialism and in another one to two pages define capitalism. For each provide a country that embodies this political system as an illustration of your definition. Demonstrate how the particular principles included in your definition apply to your country’s government. Note also where the country you have chosen for each system differs from the definition. Please note also the economic status of each country in terms of GDP and per capita income. 5 slave on the block In œslave on the block, Langston Hughes uses characterization to show the dillusioanl relationships between whites and blacks during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920²s

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