Renaissance Art

For this paper assignment, I would like you to consider the particular perspective from which Vasari was writing these biographies. Every piece of writing can be considered to contain a degree of bias driven by the authors own personal preferences or prejudices.

Begin by reading the Payne article and your chosen Vasari bio. You may want to start your three-page paper by reflecting upon Vasaris dedications to Cosimo I de Medici that precede the biography. Think about the fact that Vasari was himself an artist, whose most important patron was Cosimo I, who was the Duke of the Florentine Republic from 1537 to 1569. Next, consider the way that Vasari has framed your chosen artist and how he has used them to construct a hero narrative. How did Vasari spin these narratives to reflect well on the region and on the Medici? It is not necessary to read any additional material outside of these two readings. If you make reference to a particular passage in either text you should cite the page number using the format of your choice (Chicago Manual of Style or MLA).


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