Reply to a students post, add to the conversation do not critique their work. Ci

Reply to a students post, add to the conversation do not critique their work. Citation ind APA format.
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In the two video clips, Shawn’s legal team and the juvenile justice system is trying to determine the best course of action for Shawn’s well being and society’s. Based on the circumstances, should Shawn remain in the juvenile court system or should he be transferred to adult court? Why? (Discuss the contributing factors that led to your decision and provide examples.)
I absolutely disagree with the fact this kid was sentenced in juvenile court he most certainly should have been moved to adult court. To me this is a prime example of a privileged white male who was not supervised properly by his family and allowed to do whatever he wanted and utilized his drug use as a reason for his behavior. Shawn clearly had a plan when he attacked his father; no normal individual waits until one is asleep and stabs them repeatedly in an attempt to harm them. I agree with the   prosecutor who was surprised, and troubled, by the outcome. He said, “At the end, I think everyone in that courtroom was ready to fall out of their chairs. In addition, I think that it was a tremendous injustice that was done in this case. Not just the fact that we didn’t treat this individual the way that he should have been treated – in my opinion – but that we have created the perception in the community that certain people are going to be treated differently in the system, because of where they come from.”
He is not the only one. Many of the kids serving time in Juvenile Hall think Shawn got a break, and that had he not been white and from an affluent neighborhood, he would have received a much harsher sentence. Even his attorney Bridgett Jones says that this case reminds her: “There is inequity in the juvenile justice system.  There is inequity in terms of race; there is inequity in terms of socioeconomic status. You know it and you see it, but to actually have a case like this, it really brings it to the forefront.”
Shawn has still continued to committee crime, smoking pot, running and fighting from the police. He in no way has learned his lesson and should most defiantly be sent to adult court and properly punished. This is a prime example of how our juvenile court system more or less babies juvenile criminals. The system is based on a port system and unless the child meets the points, nothing is really done.
References“Juvenile Justice.” Films Media Group, 2001, Accessed 19 Sept. 2018.

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