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lets reply to classmate post
Advertising & My Consumption

To be honest, I have tried so many times to control my consumption desire after watching advertising. I succeeded for several times, but failed for most times. For example, I placed an order just now on A&F Web site. I saw the promotion of up to 60% off discount, and I decided to buy just a little things. It turned out I bought more than $200 stuff at the end. That is what advertising has done to me! It creates an interest at the time I see it, than it enlarges my demand by more temptations.

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Advertising is not only about convincing, it can also change consumers perception. I used to prefer Starbucks over Dunkin Donuts. After more Dunkin ads appeared in my sight, I now like to shop at Dunkin Donuts.
Ads from non-profit organization also work on me. I saw ASPCA a lot, then I decided to be a guardian of those lovely animals. I now donate every month than I used to do once a year.
All after all, advertising is supposed to work this way: to ignite consumers desire, and to make people feel they need more than they actually need. However, individuals are different from each other. Some may have strong minds to resist those ads at all. Hope I was one of those!

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