Reportable injury/illness

Reportable injury/illness

1. Firstly, the case of John Smith is a reportable injury/illness because it qualifies to be work related. The accident happened within the work environment after he slipped on the ice and fell while walking from his car into the building where he works. Secondly, the injury is reportable because it goes beyond first aid and requires him to see a physician. The physician instructs him not to apply pressure on his right foot for the remainder of the day resulting in time off.

2. The case of William Kane is not a reportable injury/illness, although it happened within the work environment it does not qualify to be reported because the incident does not go beyond first aid. After something got in his eye, he claims to have performed an eye wash from a kit in the Maintenance Department, and that he feels much better and so he required no further attention.

3. A. The case of Karen Kite is classified as “On job transfer or restriction” because it presents the most serious outcome. This as seen when she is placed on 14 days of light duty by the physician compared to five days out of work (including the day of injury).

B. I would record the “Away from Work” days as four because when counting the days one does not count the day of the injury but the days after the injury. For the “On job transfer or restriction” I would record 14 days because these are the days she is placed on light duty by the physician.

C. For the “Injury” box, I would check the Injury box because Karen Kite suffered a fracture/ broken left arm after she fell down the steps while leaving for lunch.

4. A. An injury or illness is considered work related when exposure of the person/s in the work environment causes or results in the condition or this exposure aggravates a preexisting condition. In this case, the work environment includes the establishment and other areas where employees are required to be present as per their duties or where the employees are working.

B. The summary must be posted by February 1 of the year following the year covered by the form and should be kept posted until April 30 of that year.

C. For questions about filling out the OSHA Log, Jim can contact the local OSHA office or visit them online at

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