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Representative Lois Capps previously worked as a nurse before joining the congress. Having a nursing background has played a very significant role in her contribution in the congress, and she has used her experiences in the congress to advocate for major reforms in the healthcare sector. Notably, a few months after her election she came up with a nursing bill which aimed at addressing nursing shortage in the country (Human Capital Blog, 2014), and since then, the shorten of nurses in the country has been her priority. While serving as a member of the health committee, she successfully fought for an increment in funds allocated to students pursuing nursing.

Also, she is the one who came up with the nursing re-investment act which aimed at improving the nursing conditions in the country. She is the founder of the nursing caucus in the congress which she has used since then to push for improved healthcare in the country. Through, the caucus, she has been able to educate other congress members on the need to improve the nursing conditions in the country (Jimenez, 2015). On top of these, she is also serve as the chairperson to the congressional cancer caucus, stroke and heart attack coalitions.

Conclusively, the contribution of Lois Capps in the senate has been immense. Since her first election in the year 1998, she has been fighting ceaselessly for the rights of nurses in the country. Her contributions in the congress is a goods gesture of how committed she is to end the nursing stalemate in the country. Perhaps it is time for more nurses to be elected in the congress if we are to end the stalemate.


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