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Organizations may consider bidding or rebidding for their current contracts for physical security or to increase their level of security technology for a number of different reasons. Although the causes may differ from organization to organization, they all stem from problems with low performance, high costs, and a shortage of employees, to mention a few.

You will be exposed to the Request for Proposal (RFP) procedure as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of a significant firm. You will frequently work with the business department of the corporation to write and author a new RFP document or amend an already existing one.

The organization has chosen to seek a contracted security firm to replace the “In House” employees, which is the driving force behind this term paper assignment’s requirements that you compose your department’s initial “Request for Proposal” utilizing the attached White Paper as a guide. Currently, there must be ten (10) full-time policemen working seven days a week in shifts, two supervisors, and one security manager.

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Design creativity is crucial, and the evaluation criteria should be described in depth to include disclosure of all security requirements.

The next step is for you to assume the role of a vendor and respond as though you were putting in a bid for the deal.

Bibliography in 12-point size



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