Topic: Request for Proposal-Security Services

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For a variety of reasons, organizations consider bidding or rebidding for their existing contracts for physical security or to upgrade their level of security technology. Though the reasons may vary by organization, they are rooted in such issues as poor performance levels, high cost and lack of staffing to name a few.

As the Chief Security Office (CSO) of a major organization you will be exposed to the Request for Proposal (RFP) process. Often along with the organizations business department you will help create and author a new RFP document or edit an existing one.

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The requirements of this term paper assignment will be for you to write your departments initial “Request for Proposal” using the attached White Paper as a guide and is motivated by the fact that the organization has decided to seek a contractual security agency to replace the “In House” staff. Currently the in house staffing requirements are for ten (10) full time officers per shift seven days a week, two supervisors and one security manager.

Creativity in design is important along with detailing the evaluation criteria to include disclosure of all security requirements.

you will then be required to take the position of a vendor and reply as if you were bidding on the offer.

12 point font with bibliography

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