Research Article Critique

Research article critique 2,000 words, 4 5 Refs . The assignment is a narrative. APA format. The article to critique: The Effect of Professors Attractiveness On Distance Learning Students, Liu, J. and Tomasi, S.D. (2015) I am uploading the article to critique

Review article based on the Research Process Diagram
Are all critical aspects of the research process reported? If not what is missing? Are the data collection procedures used appropriate for the question? Did data collection generate reliable and valid or verifiable data?
Recommended section headings and related questions to consider
These questions are in quantitative language. A qualitative study will have similar questions, but will include different language and approaches, depending upon the qualitative method used.
Statement of the Problem
• What is the main question or hypothesis in this project?
• What is the purpose of this study exploratory, descriptive or explanatory?
• Is this basic or applied research?
• What are the main concepts?
• How are the main concepts defined?
• Are they the right concepts for the question at hand?
• Are the relationships between concepts outlined? Why or why not?
• Are these relationships substantiated with evidence from previous studies and logic?
Research Design
• What research design is used?
• Is the research design appropriate for the question at hand?
• What is the unit of analysis?
• What sampling techniques are used?
• How are the concepts measured?
• Is the data quantitative or qualitative data?
• What collection methods are used?
• What is the time dimension in this research?
• Are the data valid and reliable representations of the empirical reality they attempt to capture?
• How, if at all, are the data adjusted, i.e. weighted, summarized or grouped?
• How are the data reported?
• Are the data presented in a way that is understandable?
• Is the data presentation comprehensive or are selected aspects presented?
• What data analysis tools are employed?
• Are they the right tools for the level of measurement?
• Are any assumptions inherent in the analysis tools violated/
• Do the analysis tools provide information to support or refute?
• What are the main points in the discussion?
• What aspects of the project are highlighted?
• Does the discussion illuminate the findings and apply them appropriately?
• What conclusions are drawn from the data?
• Are the conclusions a logical extension of the data?
• To whom or what do the conclusions apply?
Adding to the knowledge base and implications for future research
• What is the significance of this research?
• What might you have done differently?
• What still needs clarification/exploration?

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