The Effect of Professors Attractiveness on Distance Learning Students

Research article critique 2,000 words, 4 to 5 references. The assignment is a narrative. APA format. The article to critique: The Effect of Professors Attractiveness on Distance Learning Students, Liu, J., and Tomasi, S.D. (2015) I am uploading the article to critique.

Review article based on the research process diagram
Are all critical aspects of the research process reported? If not, what is missing? Are the data collection procedures used appropriate for the question? Did data collection generate reliable, valid, or verifiable data?
Recommended section headings and related questions to consider

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The wording used in these questions is quantitative. Depending on the qualitative method utilized, a qualitative study will use comparable questions but distinct language and methodologies.
Description of the Issue
• What is the project’s key hypothesis or question?
• Is this research exploratory, descriptive, or explanatory in nature?
Is this fundamental or applied research?
• What are the central ideas?
• How are the key ideas described?
• Are these appropriate ideas for the issue at hand?
• Are the connections between the ideas outlined? If not, why not?
• Are these connections supported by reasoning and data from earlier studies?
What type of research methodology is employed?
• Is the research strategy suitable for the issue at hand?
• What is the analytical unit?
• What sampling methods are employed?
• How are the ideas assessed?
Is the information qualitative or quantitative?
• What techniques are employed for collection?
• What is the research’s time dimension?
• Are the facts accurate and trustworthy depictions of the factual world they aim to represent?
• How, if at all, are the data modified, such as by weighting, condensing, or grouping?
• How are the statistics presented?
• Is the information presented in a way that is clear?
• Is the data display complete, or are only certain parts highlighted?
What instruments are used for data analysis?
• Are they the appropriate tools for the measuring level?
Are any of the analysis tools’ presumptions broken? Do the analysis tools offer evidence to support or contradict these assumptions?
• What are the discussion’s main points?
• Which project components are highlighted?
• Does the discussion adequately explain the results and use them?
• What inferences are made based on the data?
• Do the conclusions follow naturally from the data?
• Who or what are the conclusions relevant to?
Increasing the body of knowledge and having ramifications for future research
• What relevance does this study have?
• What could you have done to improve?
• What still needs to be explored or clarified?


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