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Put your live DJ set in the context of both classic and modern electronic music and artistic performance in a 1400-word essay. You must demonstrate a broad awareness of other practitioners’ approaches to living performance that has been informed by study and that takes into account aesthetic, technical, and conceptual factors. The essay must demonstrate how your work is related to and influenced by the creative movements and other artists across a variety of disciplines.

Advice: Your essay should be based on thorough research on the subject you have selected.
When selecting an essay topic, be careful to conduct thorough research, name and describe the major characters and genre tropes, and, when applicable, talk about the sociopolitical and cultural context of your chosen field of study.
Instead of relying solely on the development of practices and/or technologies in chronological order, present your arguments with reference to concrete examples.
Use as many sources as you can for your study, and be sure to cite any references from books, magazines, or the internet using the Harvard referencing style.
The Harvard System must be used when referencing direct quotations.
Diagrams and illustrations are acceptable as long as they are properly cited and are included in the appendices.
Copying and pasting is prohibited, with the exception of when it is done to include a diagram or example; in that case, the picture must also be referenced in accordance with Harvard standards.


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