Research Essay Writing Plan

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Research Essay Writing Plan
You will prove your mastery of the following course skills and assignment criteria by completing this assignment:
Apply specific rhetorical and analytical techniques to written works that properly use sources, according to Competency 1. Make a thorough writing strategy that outlines the organization and supporting arguments that will be used.
•Competency 2: Search appropriate databases for relevant facts and analysis on a topic. Describe how you integrated the research and any other supporting evidence.
Utilize accepted conventions for display, correctness, and documentation (Competency 6). Adapt your writing to the needs of a research essay.
Make a thorough outline or writing strategy for the yCreates project.
1. Establish a thorough writing strategy for your research essay.
2. Include signal words and evidence comments throughout your thorough writing plan. Here, you want to demonstrate the following as completely as possible: •How you plan to compose your essay.
•How you envision your essay to be organized.
•Where do you think the most significant supporting evidence should go?
3. As you make your thorough writing plan, consider the following factors: •Does the strategy seem appropriate for my thesis?
•Are there any more angles I should examine when considering my subject?
Is there additional information I should take into account?
4. Include several queries for your instructor’s feedback.



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