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Answer the following questions in a paper:

Exercises for Chapters with Even Numbers in Jackson (2012), page 244.
What is the rationale behind carrying out an experiment? How is the goal of an experimental design achieved?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of using an experimental design in a research study?
Strong internal validity claims or strong external validity claims—which is more crucial when developing an experimental study? Why?
What does a control mean in an experiment? Why would you use a control group? either one or more comparison groups?
How do confounds work? Describe a design with three confounding factors as an example. Describe three modifications to the design that may be made to solve these confounding issues, along with the benefits and drawbacks of each.
What does the term “cause” signify, and why is it significant in research? How can correlation and causality connect to one another?
You are a researcher who is trying to answer the question: Does grinning make people feel better (or more optimistic)? Describe the benefits and drawbacks of developing between-participants, within-participants, and matched-participants designs that address this issue in order to produce data that will enable you to respond to the issue. In 4-5 phrases, describe and discuss each design.

At least five sources should be used to support your essay. Other suitable scholarly resources, such as earlier articles, may be included in addition to the ones mentioned above.

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Without the title and reference pages, there are 5-7 pages.
Five academic sources at the very least are cited.

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