Research Methods Final Exam
All answers must be in your own words. DO NOT copy what other authors (or anyone else) has to say about this topic without explicitly citing them. I want to know what you know, not what someone else knows. Plagiarism will be dealt with harshly.

Each answer should range from a couple sentences up to maybe half a page (double spaced). You should not need to write more than that, but make sure you are explaining the concept fully. Remember, spelling and grammar count!
1. What is the difference between positivism and Interpretivism?

2. If old people and tall people are poor drivers, what would my independent variable(s), dependent variable(s), and hypothesis be if I wanted to do an experiment to find out if I was right?

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3. What are the four levels of measurement? Identify the levels of measurement for these measures:
A. Temperature in Celsius
B. Height in feet
C. Race
D. Sizes of drink at McDonalds (Small, medium, large, etc.)
E. Money in my bank account.
F. Types of book (Fiction, non-fiction, mystery, etc.)
Bonus: Temperature in Kelvin

4. Pick a probability sampling method and describe it to me. What makes it a probability sampling method?

R1. O X O
R2. O O
Is this a true experiment or not? Why?

6. What are the requirements for causality? Explain them.

7. Are there are more fans of the Houston Texans or Green Bay Packers in a population of football fans. Rewrite this question to be mutually exclusive and exhaustive but still tell me what I want to know:
What is your favorite football team?
A. The Houston Texans
B. The Green Bay Packers
C. The New England Patriots.
D. The San Francisco 49ers
E. Any team from Texas

(Hint: You do not need 32 answer choices)
8. What is the difference between complete observation, participant observation, and covert participation?


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