Research on Montpelier Vermont

After conducting the following research into your community, you should write a 750 to 2,000 word report that does the following: CITY: Montpelier Vermont Describes the information you found (from at least 5 sources cited in APA style) and include examples as evidence; Explains what that information means (i.e., is an average temperature of 65 degrees in the winter hot or cold?); Evaluates what the information you found means for the viability of the community as a place to build the NASA facility. Make sure to do this for all topics discussed. Below are the criteria that you should discuss in this report. Make sure to address all of the questions in each topic. Location and Demographics Where is the community located (i.e., state, part of the country)? Who lives in the community? What is the demographic breakdown (i.e., race, gender, age)? Is it large or small? Is the population densely distributed or disperse? Is it rural, suburban, or urban? What is the income distribution in this community? What is the unemployment rate? What is the poverty rate? History and Personality When was the community founded? By whom? For what purpose(s)? How has this community changed over time? What does the community’s website emphasize about the community (i.e., is it a tourist destination? a manufacturing town)? How would you describe this community’s personality? Tourism Does this community already have the infrastructure in place to support additional tourism? What are the quality of hotels or resorts in the community? Are there sufficient hotels in the community? Is there a diversity of restaurants (i.e., fast food, causal dining, fine dining)? Are there shopping opportunities or special events that people can attend? Local Businesses/Corporations Which type of companies/organizations generate the most revenue in the community? What types of products/services are produced/made in this community? Is the community heavily dependent on the production/manufacturing/sale of one good or service? Is the community heavily dependent on one corporation? Public Attention Has this community recently received national attention by the media, government agencies, and think tanks? Why? Have academic researchers written any articles about this community (HINT: search ASU Libraries (Links to an external site.))? If so, what did they write about? Your report should answer all of the questions asked in the prompt. It must also meet the requirements listed below, otherwise your report may be subject to a severe penalty or you may be asked to revise/resubmit the report. Assigned penalties vary depending on the severity of the issue. 750 to 1,000 words. Cites at least 5 sources. Applies proper APA style for in-text citations and the reference list. You do not need an abstract or running headline. Follows ASU’s policies for Academic Integrity (Links to an external site.).

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