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SFTY 580
Research Paper Guide
Each student is required to research a topic in the field of
Environmental Protection and Management
and complete an original, scholarly research paper based on the topic researched. It is most important
to research the selected topic in its entirety, i.e., research and analyze the topic from different angles.
This research paper must be submitted in APA format with all required components (i.e., title page,
abstract, introduction, thesis statement or statement of the problem, findings, conclusions and
recommendations, reference page, etc.).
Some broad examples of acceptable topics are presented below for student consideration. However,
this is not an exhaustive list and students

may select other topics in the field of
Protection and Management
for the research paper. Instructors will provide helpful feedback on topic
selection in the early weeks of the term.
For this research paper submittal, students are to submit a paper as if it were going to be submitted to a
national professional society of one’s choice, such as
National Association for Environmental
Health & Safety Management Professionals (NAEM), American Academy of Environmental
Engineers and Scientists (AAEES), or American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Journal
of Public Health, Journal of Environmental Protection, etc.
for publication. The submission should be
worthy of submission to a journal in one of these societies/associations, geared toward the appropriate
audience, and should be leading-edge work. In other words, this is not just a research paper on an
environmental topic. This paper should identify an area of concern, or research an area of concern,
and propose a solution.
The research should identify what knowledge already exists on the topic and what additional
information can be obtained to further the knowledge base in the field which can benefit corporations. In
other words, information should not be a rehash of what is already known in the field. It should be new
and worthy of advancing the field of occupational safety, health, and/or environmental management.
Although the research paper should be worthy of publication, students are not required to submit their
papers for publication, or use the journal’s style guide (APA format is to be used instead). However,
submission of papers is encouraged, but students should be sure to address any issues, comments or
suggested edits noted by their instructor before submission, and be sure the format meets the journal’s
required style guide.
The final paper should be between 8-12 pages (approximately 3000-3500 words), not including cover
page, abstract, references, etc. The final paper is due and must be submitted during Module Week 8.
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