Research Paper Guidelines and Writing Rubrics (200 Points)


Study Paper Requirements: Students are required to conduct extensive study and submit an eight- to ten-page (with bibliography) research paper on a topic that has persisted in American mass media and popular culture. A case study or a specific research topic could both represent an ongoing problem.

A persistent problem as it relates to American mass media and popular culture must be covered in research subjects and case studies. But if they are unsure about their research topic or case study, students should ask their professor for permission before starting any investigation. The variety of research subjects and case studies for students will reflect the breadth of the content covered in class. Additionally, the websites and include a wealth of online resources that could help students come up with ideas for case studies or research topics. Additionally, students may find it helpful to consult the Internet resources listed in the Appendix part of the textbook, Media and Society.

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Research papers submitted by students must cite a minimum of five academic primary sources. Wikipedia, blogs, and other secondary websites and sources that rely on the Internet for information are not allowed. If students are unsure about the reliability of the source material, they should ask the instructor. Keep in mind that the Media/Society text offers a wealth of reliable primary materials on the Internet (see text appendix: Selected Media-Related Internet Resources).

Research Paper Objectives: To make as many inferences about, question, and apply concepts and theories to your research topic or case study as you can from the readings, lectures, and media literacy materials. To put it another way, consider your research paper to be a “show me what you know” essay.

Research Paper Format: M.L.A. format, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and double spacing are requirements for student research papers. Basic writing rubrics for mechanics, grammar, and syntax will also be graded as part of the process.

To Be Considered Later Students should add a thoughtful paragraph named “For Future Consideration” that identifies any potential weaknesses in their research techniques, logical analysis, and/or conclusion after the conclusionary paragraph in their research papers. This section should outline the factors future researchers should take into account when looking into the same, comparable, or related research topic and/or case study. In the academic setting, this is customary. Also keep in mind that excellent academic and scholarly study should be critical of oneself, objective, and open to critique from other academics and researchers.
120 total possible points

Rubrics for Research Papers:

100–120 Points: In their rhetorical argument, students’ research papers indisputably show the precise ongoing issue as it relates to American mass media and popular culture. A thorough comprehension of, or a particular facet of, the production-content-audience processes in the society/culture model presented in the media/society text can be seen in the research papers of students. Students’ research papers also help them develop a thorough understanding of all the models, ideas, and concepts that are relevant to the case study and research topic they are working on. A brief application of any of the following viewpoints, including narrative, dramatic, neo-Aristotelian, Marxist, feminist, or visual-pleasure theory, is also demonstrated in students’ research papers, if relevant. The interpretative process, the analytical development process, the conclusion of the research topic or case study, and the “For Future Consideration” paragraph all clearly show a unified, in-depth rhetorical analysis in student writings.
Writing standards:
Introductions, bodies of text, and conclusions are all important components of good writing mechanics for student research papers. In the introduction paragraph, students must present a rhetorical argument and clearly identify the purpose of their research paper. Keep in mind that students who are detected plagiarizing will, at the very least, lose all 200 points allotted for the work.

6580 Points: The writing is essentially error-free in terms of writing mechanics, grammar, and syntax, in addition to meeting the criteria for a “50-64 point paper.” The thoughts, facts, and other data the writers present are coherently connected from one sentence and paragraph to the next. Additionally, the author has gone to great lengths to make it easier for the reader to understand the reasoning behind the ideas presented. Additionally, the author’s selections for word and phrase usage, citation correctness, quote usage, focus, structure, style/tone, and substance reflect satisfying writing standards for an upper-division academic course. Last but not least, the writer’s work could serve as a template for an assignment that demonstrates competence, effectiveness, and proficiency.

80 is the total number of possible points.


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