Research paper on case Lonnie David Franklin Jr Grim Sleeper

 APA FORMAT: (please adhere to format requirements) • The paper must be at least 2-3 pages long and up to five pages total of written text. • Include a separate Title Page with your name (not counted as part of the paper, must still have at least 2-3 pages of written text). • 1-inch margins on all sides, page headers and numbered pages. • 12 point Times New Roman font. • You will need to site all your references (as a separate page at the end, not counted as part of the written text). PAPER TOPIC: Students will focus their paper topic on the following case: Lonnie David Franklin Jr., nicknamed the GRIM SLEEPER was responsible for at least ten murders and one attempted murder in Los Angeles, California between the years of 1985-2007. Numerous references are available for this case on the internet and must be sited on a separate page for your paper. SCORING BREAKDOWN: Please be thorough and concise to receive the maximum amount of points for that section: 1. Introduction/Facts of the Case (15 points) a. Who are your victim(s)/suspect? b. What are the details of the crimes? 2. Important evidence, analysis of the evidence and the results (15 points) a. Focus on the important pieces of evidence for the case (ie. DNA, firearms, ballistics) b. What analysis was performed on this evidence? c. What were the results and their importance to the case? 3. Arguments and Outcomes (15 points) a. What was the prosecutions/defense arguments? b. What was the outcome? Conviction, acquittal, or overturned? c. Sentencing? 4. Adhering to format, grammar, spelling, sentence cohesiveness/structure (5 points)

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