Research report:relationship between caffeine consumption and sleep.

This research report assignment is designed to help you familiarize yourself with health research and understand the scientific method. Assignment formatting guidelines: ● Your report should contain the following sections numbered and titled as shown below. DO NOT submit your assignment in essay format. Number your answers as shown in the assignment. ● In addition to the points below, you will be graded on the quality of writing, which includes use of proper grammar, spelling, and clarity of thought in writing. ● Reports must be typed using Times New Roman 12 point font or 11 point Arial, Calibri, or Cambria with 1” margins. ● APA format must be used for all in-text citations and for the formatting of the references section. Refer to Purdue Owl for assistance. There were several questions (with answers) about the assignment posted as Moodle announcements. Please be sure you have referenced these before turning in your assignment. Research Report #1 is worth 140 points (~15% of total grade). See the syllabus for more information on assignments and grades. In this folder are 3 documents needed for Research Report #1: 1) The class survey data: tables compiled with the data that students in HS 2000 reported 2) HS 2000 Survey Questions: all of the questions that were asked in the survey and the possible responses 3) Research Report #1 Questions: The actual questions (1-23) that you will answer PLEASE NOTE: There is a typo in #16 on the Research Report. Please answer the following based on CAFFEINE CONSUMPTION and GRADE LEVEL: a) r-value b) p-value c) Is this (caffeine and grade level) statistically significant? How do you know? d) What is your interpretation of the relationship (r-value) between CAFFEINE CONSUMPTION and GRADE LEVEL? Be sure to describe the relationship by interpreting the direction of the r-value if the relationship is significant.

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