Research Techniques for Global Business

The activity seeks to improve your capacity to Identify, interpret, and evaluate pertinent data sources (you will utilize these abilities in your specialization modules). Organize and explain a research technique.
Your University Student Registration Number is the name of the file.
This document is a proposal for a research study that will look at ONE research question in ANY area connected to your award.
What should be in your research proposal is:
1. Use YOUR SUBMISSION SHEET as the work’s front cover.
2. A 500-word summary of the academic context for your research challenge that is based on an analysis of at least FIVE articles from relevant academic journals
3. A SINGLE research question and THREE research goals (each no more than 100 words)
4. A 700-word analysis of the relevance of the data sources and quantitative methods of analysis presented in at least FIVE pertinent published works (they will likely differ from (2)), both for your proposal and in general. There is no word limit on how many times a work must be cited.
5. 4. a 700-word description of the approach (qualitative, quantitative, or hybrid) that YOU would suggest using to solve your research challenge. This should contain illustrations and a proposed schedule of work (such as a Gantt chart that is not word-limited), but DO NOT ATTEMPT AT THIS STAGE TO SYMPATHIZELY COLLECT ANY PRIMARY OR SECONDARY DATA.
Your work will be evaluated using the following standards:
Marker comments: Assessment standards:
Key: Very Good, Good, Acceptable, Needs Improvement, and Understands Research Processes
Is the topic described with notions and theoretical concerns?
Are the objectives and research questions specific and appropriate?
analysis of pertinent sources
Are pertinent data sources identified, cited, and interpreted?
Are quantitative research methodologies chosen, supported, and assessed?
Communication and preparation
Are the planning and communication of the suggested approaches relevant, doable, and subject to criticism?
Is the presentation, which includes a Gantt chart, accurate and understandable?



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