ResourcesWeek Two SWOT Analysis assignment, Week Three Staffing Matrix, and Week Four Business Recommendation assignment.

SWOT Analysis, Week Three Staffing Matrix



Assignments for the Week Two SWOT Analysis, Week Three Staffing Matrix, and Week Four Business Recommendation are all due this week.

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It’s time to put your business plan’s components together and present them to the community hospital’s governing board. The organization’s president, four local business leaders, and three members of the medical staff make up this board.

Make a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with 12 to 15 slides that describes your business concept. In your presentation, include the following:

Analyze the market and demographic information given in the example.
Include the SWOT analysis and discuss it.
Mention the urgent center’s location and the reasons you chose it.
Examine the kind of company that has been suggested for the center.
For instance, a hospital department or an LLC
Analyze the hardware and software required by the center to provide the desired services.
Do you suggest buying the equipment outright or leasing it?
How would your suggestion affect revenue and costs?
Analyze the aspects of quality control that apply to the center and the suggested services.
How will you evaluate the center’s level of care?
Analyze the financial data required to maintain the facility.
What are your anticipated costs, earnings, and employee numbers?
On the basis of your examination of the business plan, provide the center with your final advice.

As per APA standards, format your assignment. Include a reference slide, thorough speaker notes, and a title slide.

Be sure to properly credit your references in APA style if you utilize any sources that are not part of the assignment’s information.

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