Respond 43

The budget process for Albany, GA is easy to get access to a simple search was able to get me a lot of information. My untrained eye is unsure how detailed it is, so it could be a lot of fluff. The budget process does seem to be coherent due to the different levels and approvals that the city manager has to go through. The citizens are involved through a public hearing this year was held on June 2nd for the FY 2021. From the search I did, I couldn’t find much commentary that showed that the community disagreed with the process. The process seems very open from the Albany city website. Albany commission leaders and the city manager are very vocal from the local news I see that they are held to task for many of their decisions. I’m not sure is it due to COVID19 but even I tune in the local Facebook open commission meetings now. The impression I get is that the city is more involved and cares more for showing to citizens that they are listening. The citizens from my view are pleased with that response and that difference from when I was in Valdosta I couldn’t even tell u who the major was. It’s interesting as someone who has never thought to think how my city spends money to find a lot of resources breaking it down. 
City of Albany. (n.d.). Retrieved September 11, 2020, from
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