Response paper for Musical”Rent(1994)”


Your essay must be formatted as follows: Introduction and thesis statement in paragraph one This section should explain the topic of your paper, the arguments you plan to make, and the reasoning behind those arguments. The musical’s title, as well as the names of the people who wrote the music, lyrics, and libretto, must be included in the introduction. The final sentence of this paragraph should be your thesis statement, which briefly summarizes your entire argument. Your reader won’t be able to understand the rest of your paper if it lacks a strong thesis statement. Your thesis should do two things: 1) Pick a key or central subject that you noticed in this musical. 2) State a claim on that theme that you will support during the course of your essay. What is this song’s message regarding that theme? For instance, “love” is not a strong enough theme or thesis statement; instead, a better theme or thesis will make a claim that your dissertation would support, like “XYZ musical represents that love does not conquer all obstacles.”
Sections 2, 3, and 4: A clear subject sentence that introduces the main concept or argument and establishes a link to the thesis statement is required at the beginning of these paragraphs. Examples that prove your thesis statement should be provided in the paragraph’s body, which should be clear and precise. Select a single piece of music, scenario, or instance that exemplifies the chosen theme for each paragraph. To help support your point, be as clear and thorough as you can in your examples. To support your points, use dialogue or music lyrics or quotes. ** Don’t just reiterate the story; the reader is already familiar with it. Make sure the information and how you offer the details are followed by analysis, and always tie back to your thesis in order to prevent narrative recap.
Section 5: Concluding Answer the question, “Is this theme still relevant today?” in your concluding paragraph by summarizing your main points without repeating them. Think about additional issues, like why we are interested in this musical. Why does it play a significant role in American musical theater history? In the end, you must respond to the question, “Is this theme still relevant today?” and back up that assertion with concrete examples.

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