Response paper on a reading (The Personal-Essay Boom Is Over ).

You will be writing an essay but before youwrite the essay u have to read a writing by Jia Tolentino and the article is called The Personal-Essay Boom Is Over and the link to that article is - that is the article that u will be reading and also i will be attaching a file that u will need to look at because after the reading u will need to pick a response paper prompt and write about it the prompt that u will be doing is the first Prompt #1 so please make sure u look at the file i will be attaching so u can know which prompt u must do and it can also be a help and u will also know how he’s grading the essay and if u have any question please ask and please do not plagiarize and if ur going to use information from the article please quote them and the Prompt is #1: What is the personal essay? Where did it come from? How and why did it fall out of favor?

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