Review at least two other classmates initial posts. Compare the examples they used from the High Tech High presentation with your own.

Guided Response: Review at least two other classmates’ initial posts. Compare the examples they used from the High Tech High presentation with your own. Did they align with the same characteristics of culturally relevant instruction or creativity as yours? Ask questions if the relationship they suggest is not clear to you. As with previous discussions, though two replies is the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions others have given to you. This will further the conversation and provide you with opportunities to clarify your own understanding of the material analyzed.

High Tech High is a school that uses instruction that always the students to become part of their curriculum and be a major part in their own learning. By being able to choose what classes they want to take, the students are able to be completely sure that they are taking courses that will help them to stay concentrated and focused on their own learning. The students are able to be involved in their construction of knowledge throughout the entire time within the school. They are able to learn about real life skills and are able to use these skills for them to have more knowledge as they go on to college. The community resources are great because the teachers are able to work with professionals and learn what they are teaching their students straight from the professionals. Each one of the majors has a group of people who are in charge of what the students will be learning. These people consist parents, professionals, and even teachers. The teachers are able to make sure that they are able to teach their students the most up to date information in their area. This means that the students are able to learn what is being used today and not what was used a long time ago. Since the teachers try to share their experiences with their students, it helps them to be able to succeed even more within that area because the students will try not to make the same mistake. Since the students are able to start out their freshmen year with four major areas to focus on and then in their sophomore year they are able to narrow it down to two majors. Then from there they are able to really decide which area they want to study and in their junior and senior years they are able to study in their favorite area. High Tech High is able to nurture the confidence to try in their students by making sure that they are interested in the area that they are going to be studying. Helping learning find their creative strengths is also utilized in the same area because the students are in charge of their own learning. The students are able to learn to convey an understanding of phases in creative work and the need for time by learning how to manage their time on a college level. This is because the classes do not have a set schedule just like the college classes that they will be attending right after they leave the high school.

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