Review: “August Wilson’s Blues Poetry” by Michael Eric Dyson

 For this paper select an article from a college level Humanities research magazine. These are usually called journals such as the Journal of Modern Art and you can find many in the college library’s on-line reference collection. Some are in more general circulation such as Smithsonian.Review the article and then identify the main points developed by the author in it. Also explain what particular strengths you found or what points of interest in it arose for you, as you read it. Your review should be 500 words in length. Cite the article MLA style at the end of your entry. Be sure to pick an article that deals with one of the genres of the humanities. Remember that the genres of the humanities are things like painting,music ,sculpture, photography ,computer graphic arts ,theater,dance, architecture ,religion, archaeology , weaving, pottery,literature,poetry and so on. LINK:

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