Review the information in the Learning Resources, including the leadership styles identified in Chapter 2 of the course text

leadership styles identified in Chapter 2 of the course text


To get ready:

Review the data in the learning resources, particularly the leadership philosophies outlined in Chapter 2 of the textbook. (2017) Marquis, B. L., and Huston, C. J., Nursing leadership roles and management responsibilities: theory and practice, 9th ed. Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA

• Think about a leader in your company or someone you are familiar with. Do you think his or her manner is laissez-faire, democratic, or authoritative? Why?
• Which traits or methods exhibited by this individual would you incorporate into your own leadership style? Which would you wish to exclude from integration?
• Consider the potential effects of this leader’s interpersonal style and interactions on the standard of care and patient outcomes.

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Please address the following subtopics:

Post a leader’s profile, identifying his or her authoritative, democratic, or laissez-faire leadership style.

Identify the traits that shape your view and explain which ones you would incorporate—as well as which ones you would prefer not to incorporate—into your own leadership style.

Give at least one example of how this leadership style may affect the standard of care and patient outcomes.



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