Revised LetterYour Task: Revise the attached business letter, the format in line

Revised LetterYour Task: Revise the attached business letter, the format in line with expected standards of business communication – block letter format. The topic and intent of the letter must remain the same – you do not need to change any of the language in the body paragraphs to receive full credit for this assignment, though revisions that hurt the document may cost you points.Submit your letter as an attachment in a Microsoft Word format, an OpenOffice format, or as a Google Docs document.Some Suggestions:
Examine the attached letter carefully.
Pay attention to ALL parts of the structure.
You may assume that the language is adequate.
Carefully re-read your revision before submission — you only get one chance!
Goodwill Letter. For this assignment, you are going to write a goodwill letter.  For more about style and business letter types, please review Chapters 11 & 13 in our eBook.  Now that you know the purpose of your letter, you’ll need to select your audience.  Choose one of the following audiences and address your letter accordingly: 1) the CEO of your company; 2) employees of your company; or 3) customers of your company. my company information:The name of my company is Liquid. It is located in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, CA. Our used service is helping big companies to write codes for their products. In these years progress, I think we can try to turn into mid-sized and develop our new services. We used have 15 people in our company and now we are changing into a mid-sized company, since, we need to hire more employees. We need hire 35 more employees to make our team more powerful and creative. 

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