Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Analysis

The instruction that I was given will be in PARENTHESES so PLEASE follow it very carefully. I was asked to write a rhetorical analysis of an essay, text, commercial, or film of my choice. I want you to use either a commercial or film and avoid an essay or text.

(Assignment: write a rhetorical analysis of an essay, text, commercial, or film of your choice. Read 4e in The Bedford Researcher from our text for a detailed discussion "if need". I will provide two examples of rhetorical analyses on canvas for you to look at.

To support your thesis statement, your final draft should have an introduction with a clear thesis statement which indicates the author’s purpose and how well he or she achieves this purpose. Your essay should also have fully-developed supporting paragraphs which consider the author’s situation, purpose, main claim, and audience. Use your supporting paragraphs to provide evidence for your claim by providing quotations and paraphrases, discussion and assessment of the writer’s effectiveness toward his or her purpose.

Other requirements: 3 to 5 pages in length, appropriately formatted to MLA style, double-spaced, and fully-developed paragraphs with an interesting title. Your Essay should also include a Works Cited page.)

I want 3 full pages essay "Rhetorical Analysis" and at the very last of page 3 include one Work Cited. The 4th page I want it to be an Outline and the same Thesis Statement from the 3 pages essay.

(in a post, paste your current working thesis statement for our rhetorical analysis assignment, followed by an outline. I encourage everyone who is looking for ways to shape their thesis to use the following thesis statement template:

"Ultimately, _______ effectively persuades/fails to persuade his/her audience due to ______________________.")<– USE THIS TEMPLATE FOR THESIS STATEMENT.

I will upload a PDF file that could help you to shape the essay. It also has an example. PLEASE TAKE A CLOSE LOOK AT IT.

if you get confused let me know DON"T make things up.

please make it clean and neat THANKS :)

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