Rhetorical Analysis

Description Instruction: 1. Introduction: • Introduce the paper you plan to analyze. Identify the author and describe the circumstances under which the paper was written. Give the full title of the paper, when it was written and who was the intended audience. Describe what you think was the writer’s purpose: What did he/she want to achieve? What do you think the author wanted the reader to think or do after reading this paper? • Identify the rhetorical appeals and strategies used by the author, and identify those that you plan to discuss in your analysis (preview statement). 2. Analysis For this analysis, you could write one paragraph on each of the rhetorical appeals/strategies you mentioned in the introduction. • Define the rhetorical appeal (logos, ethos, pathos)/strategy (Narration, Description, Exemplification, Definition, Comparison and Contrast, Process analysis, Division and Classification, Analysis of Cause and/or effect) you are going to write about. • Quote or paraphrase 2-3 examples from the paper that illustrate the use of that appeal/strategy • Explain how or why the example illustrates the appeal/strategy and how the appeal/strategy contributed to author’s purpose. 3.Conclusion Summarize briefly the main points of your analysis and (b) explain the significance of your analysis by considering the following questions: • Was the author successful in using the various rhetorical appeals and strategies for the intended audience and purpose? Give examples. • What changes might you recommend to the author to better achieve his/her purpose?

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