risk management

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Your final report should be no more than five pages, double-spaced, 12 point font, one inch margins. You must include a reference pages, which does not count towards the page limit. You are expected to use in-text citations or footnotes to clearly indicate where (and how) you used your research in the paper.

Please use the following subheadings in your report. Page lengths are recommendations only.

Introduction (1/2 page):  State your topic and explain why the topic is relevant and challenging. 

Summary of the best practices/current guidance (3 pages): Describe what you found in your research with respect to best practices for managing the issue/challenge. Try to be objective in this section and simply report the guidance/advice you uncovered.

Conclusions (1 1/2 pages):  Summarize what you think are the main “take-aways” from your research and share your thoughts on what organizations should do to report to the challenge.


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