Rockface plc gives Wilma a 15% Trade Discount. State 2 reasons why Trade Discount is given

Wilma Parker, who runs an outdoor centre, ordered the following items from Rockface plc.

4 Climbing Helmets for £75 each
Anti-Ball Crampons: 8 pairs for $110 each
On all orders, a 15% trade discount is permitted.
The goods’ total VAT is £20060 (a) Using the data above, complete the order form below.


Call: 01463 743271 Wilma Parker Mullardoch Outdoor Center 14 Honeysuckle Drive CANNICH IV20 7LB [email protected] Order No. 392 VAT No. 497 882 797
Date: April 20, 2013 Address: Rockface Plc, 47 Canal Street CLYDEBANK, G81 7TU
Quantity Description 15% Trade Discount Unit Price Cost Less
Net Goods Value Add VAT @ 20% Total £ p $ p

(a) Wilma receives a 15% Trade Discount from Rockface Plc. Give two justifications for the Trade Discount.
(c) Rockface Plc is what kind of commercial organization?
(d) (i) What document would Rockface Plc send Wilma at the conclusion of the month?
(ii) List two justifications for sending this paper by Rockface Plc.

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