Routers and switches.

This is Mark’s first time configuring routers and switches. Mark thought it was simply a matter of installing them,
and they would just work. However, you are reading a manual on configuring routers and switches, and the first
thing that you notice is that you are configuring different elements. For example, in routers, you must configure
the router’s host name and basic rate interface (BRI). For switches, the configuration must occur on the
switch’s host name, system name, and switching mode, just to name a few of the configurations. Mark might
need some help.
Discuss the following for this assignment:
Do you think that one day, routers and switches will not be needed? Why?
In your opinion, do you think the configuration process of routers and switches can be made easier—especially
for nonexperts who want to play around with routers and switches? How?
Provide an example if you feel that it can be accomplished.
If you do not think it can be accomplished, then provide a reason why.
Support your answers with academic or real information technology (IT) examples to accentuate your point

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