Rowing Machines Review – Check Out the Best Models

Rowing is usually associated with water sports and activities such as canoeing, boating and kayaking. But rowing is not always about the water. As a matter of fact, it can be a way of exercising indoors. Yes, you can do it outdoors on actual water but you can also do it inside with the use of a rowing machine, also known as an indoor rower.

What is an indoor rower? It is similar to many other exercise equipment in that it can be used to develop your muscles, burn off fat and increase endurance, with the advantage that all these can be done with a single apparatus. When you use this equipment, you get that feeling of rowing as if you are in a boat on the water. The rowing machine has started to become a popular exercise equipment because it is easy to use, is a great method for working out and because of the little space it takes in your home. Usually, the prices and the functions of a rower depend on the brand and quality. Typically, when a model has several functions, it may have a higher cost compared to those with lesser functions. So how do you choose the one that you think best fits you?

You may ask referrals from some seasoned users of this equipment. If they have been using this apparatus for a long time and they recommend a certain brand, then it might be of good quality and useful. You may also ask experts what they think fits you. Another way of knowing what model to purchase is through reading rowing machine reviews to learn about features, prices and performance. These reviews are oftentimes reliable, but you can never be too sure. However, if several reviewers talk about a single brand or a specific model, whether they say negative or positive things about it, then they may be close to the truth and you should either get or avoid that particular make.

Popular Models

The first thing you should do is to check the models and find the one that suits you. There are three top models of indoor rowers that are usually the subject of interest in rowing machine reviews. These three brands are: 1) Kettler Coach, 2) Tunturi R60 and 3) Stamina ATS 1400 Air Rower.

The Kettler Coach is reasonably priced at $900. It simulates the actual rowing movements and comes with 10 training programs so you can choose which one of them suits your level of fitness. It also has an in-built computer that lets you keep track of the strokes you have made, your heart rate, the distance traveled and how much energy you have consumed. It has an “anti-slip” protector to keep you steady. The seat is very comfortable and compact as well.

The Tunturi R60 is considered a better rowing machine than the Kettler Coach but is more expensive, with a price of $1500. It has 12 training programs unlike the Kettler Coach’s 10. Eight out of the twelve are pre-set and all you need to do is set it according to your liking. There is also a pull bar that remotes the controls of the machine and is convenient for alternating between the different programs.

The last model, the Stamina ATS 1400 Air Rower, is the best make if you are interested in keeping yourself in shape and enhancing your stamina. It is also easy to take out and fold when finished. Its monitor helps you look at the calories you burned and will motivate you to keep rowing. It is also cheaper compared to the two models, with prices at only $350.

These three are the usual choices for indoor rowers. And through rowing machine reviews, you may decide on which one to purchase.

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