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Which of the following statements most accurately sums up a “publication issued periodically, typically weekly or monthly, intended for the general public, containing articles, stories, photographs, and advertisements”?”
Journal (such as Psychology Today)
Newsletter, such as the one published by the International Communication Association
(For instance, The New York Times)
scholarly publication, such as the Quarterly Journal of Speech
Trade publications (such as Advertising Age)
Which of the following notions renders it unethical to exploit someone else’s ideas without giving them credit?
proper use
Informational emancipation
intangible assets
privateness rights
You must locate articles on child-rearing. Which of the two searches is more thorough?
the parenting of children
Child parenting is the topic.
You want to restrict the results of a search engine query to content written in the English language that is less than three years old.
Which of the ensuing links on the search engine’s main page would be the best choice for carrying out this kind of a search?
advanced lookup
adjust the settings
simple lookup
a site map
The second week of the term has passed. Your professor assigns you to prepare a 10-page paper on a subject you are unfamiliar with. The essay is due the week before finals.
Let’s say you can only find one book that is ideal for your subject. If it had already been checked out to someone else, what would you do?
Identify the owner of the book and request that they return it.
For use the following week, request the desired book from another library.
Choose a different book that is currently in print.
Which of the following best describes a “monthly publication, especially one issued by an association, typically comprising reports, articles, and targeted advertising in a certain profession or industry?”
Journal (such as Psychology Today)
Newsletter, such as the one published by the International Communication Association
(For instance, The New York Times)
scholarly publication, such as the Quarterly Journal of Speech
Trade publications (such as Advertising Age)
Your study paper is 20 pages long. Your search for the subject of your paper turned up 3 articles. Which course of action is ideal?
Do not rerun the search because there are a good number of articles.
Make changes to the search to get fewer results.
Improve the search to get more information.
All of the following factors can be used to assess a magazine article, with the exception of:
the viewpoint of the author.
how many pages there are.
the time that the article was written.
the author of the essay.
What is the main justification for using a database of periodicals or research?
To locate references or articles
to do a Web search
to check if a book is a library holding
to check if the library has a particular journal
A recent study reveals that those who talk more frequently with their spouse or partner are happier in their relationships, according to the evening news anchor.
What kind of news report is that on television?
First Source
Primary Source
Tier 2 Source
Select the list of words and phrases that most accurately describes the notion “college students.”
Universities, community colleges, and colleges
undergraduates, freshmen, and sophomores
university students, adult learners, and students
Which of the following is the best method to use when combining search phrases in a research database?
There is no need to enter anything besides the keywords.
The majority of the time, people think of academic libraries as collections of printed and digital items. Although they are not part of what we often think of as the Web, some of these items are made accessible to people through the Web.
Using the World Wide Web as a communication tool. Using a common language, computers from all over the world network with one another.
What can you infer about the following statement based on the definitions that came before?
Has content for all audiences, including customers, support groups, fans, academics, students, hobbyists, and corporations.
The Internet fits this description.
Regarding the academic library, this assertion is accurate.
Both the academic library and the Web fit this description.
Neither the academic library nor the Web support this assertion.
Who is the article’s target readership?
Title: Banking changes
Pages: 28-32
The article offers suggestions for fostering customer loyalty in the banking sector. Less people are visiting banks now as a result of online banking, which could hurt their earnings. Banks should go above and above to keep consumers by staying in touch and introducing innovative services.
banking specialist
broader public
You are building a website for a group that promotes student education. You locate a helpful U.S. image while browsing the web. a federal organization called the Department of Education.
Which of the following copyright options is the best course of action if you choose to use the graphic on your website?
Since the photo is from a government agency, no permission is required.
The picture was found online, thus no permission is required.
Since you are merely using it for a Web page, no permission is required.
Before using the photo, you must get permission to do so.
You must compose a paper on the factors contributing to South American deforestation. Except for: All of these methods would probably produce valuable, trustworthy information.
Consult subject-matter authorities.
Read a South American travel manual.
Read about the subject in magazines.
Look for books on the subject in the library’s online catalog.
You must locate trustworthy information regarding malaria treatment options. Which of these sources is the most trustworthy?
Edwards, B. Journal of Public Health, “Developing new treatments for malaria.” 375-390 on August 9, 2014.
Kobayashi, P. Community Health Journal, “New treatments for malaria.” 90-105. 44 Summer 2015.
Lee, S. The most recent malaria medications, according to Public Health Journal. 424–439 in 46 January 2012.
A. Perez. Journal of Community Health, “Trends in malaria treatment.” 212-227 in Winter 2002.
All of the following components are required to properly credit a book chapter from an edited book that you used for your research, with the exception of:
editing a book
Phone number
Chapter writer
Pages in each chapter
Chapter heading
On a university library’s website, all of the following types of resources are typically accessible, with the exception of:
Assignments and course syllabi created by professors
Purchased or licensed datasets for research
research directs
a few freely accessible online sources
All of the following factors can be used to select an information source, with the exception of:
the authority of the source’s creator.
The information’s currentness.
The author’s point of view.
the design elements’ aesthetic appeal.
Is it okay to use photographs made by someone else on your own website?
Yes, if it is an online image, as all of those images are in the public domain.
Yes, provided that the author grants consent.
Yes, if you manually scan the image.
If you change the image, yes.
You cannot utilize photographs made by someone else on your own website; it is illegal.
Which of the following claims concerning potential bias on a website is most true when browsing the Internet for a contentious topic like euthanasia?
Only by reviewing the data on the website and contrasting it with data from other sources can bias be identified.
The content on the website is not prejudiced if it contains statistical or numerical facts.
The information found online is probably skewed.
The website’s domain will reveal whether it is biased or not. For instance, website is definitely impartial, whereas website is undoubtedly prejudiced.
You’ve just completed reading an academic paper about how coral reefs are being destroyed. Where could you quickly locate a list of further articles on this subject?
library directory
database system for libraries
Section of the article devoted to references and works cited
The humanities discipline encompasses all of the following subject areas with the exception of:
history of art
The library’s book selection is largely arranged by:
what their size is.
the topics they cover.
when the library categorized them.
when the library first acquired them.
Which of the following phrases best describes your alternatives if you wish to buy a book or article that isn’t offered by your local library?
There are several ways the library can assist you in obtaining items it does not already own, but using these services will cost you money.
The library provides a number of options for obtaining items that it does not possess. While some of these options might not cost anything, others might.
The only choice you have is to request that the library buy the item for you.
The only other choice is to get the material on your own, whether that means visiting another library or buying it.
After the phone number LC 1087.3.H24, which of the following call numbers follows next?
LC 1087 .H25
LC 1087.24 .A33
LC 1087.31 .B83
LC 1087.4 .B38
LC 1088 .L11
Which search is best for finding books about the American poet Maya Angelou?
Angelou, author
Linked To: Angelou
Subject: Angelou
All of the items listed below must be included in the bibliographic entry for a book you are utilizing in your research, with the exception of:
Location of the publisher’s city
Page count of the book
Which of the following is the best plan of action if you have a research paper that is due and the course instructor has not instructed you to adopt a specific citation style?
Decide on a citation style, then stick to it.
Depending on the kind of resource, use different citation formats.
Utilize the citation style adopted by your institution.
Which of the following search techniques would be most useful for discovering articles on “fast food”?”
Quick adj food
quick close food
Quick or food
You’re composing a paper about women’s legal rights in America before the Civil War. Which of the following would be the best source?
Theresa Bell. Price Law Journal, “Women and Their Rights Under the Law.” May 1982 340-355.
Julia Hardesty. The Journal for the Study of Law, “Womens Rights Under the Law.” 15 Fall 1850 210-25.
I’m Barbara Ross. Journal of Legal Trends, “Laws and the Rights of Women.” 90-105 in the Summer of 1999.
Catherine Smith. Journal of the Legal System, “The Law and Womens Rights.” 100-15 on January 38, 1967.
Elizabeth Whitacre. The Law and Legislation Journal article on “The Lawful Rights of Women.” Winter 2001, pages 15–30.
You are utilizing a research database that truncates results using an asterisk (*). Which of the following words appears in the records you get when you type “mathemat*”?
Math, math, and more math
Mathematics, math, and mathematician
a mathematician, math, and mathematics
You need more than two articles to cover the topic of politics in Allen Ginsberg’s poem “Hada Been Playing on the Jukebox,” but you could only find two. Which course of action is ideal?
enlarge the scope of your subject.
Change the subject entirely.
Limit your subject.
A ten-page paper summarizing recent findings on a medical problem or disease is required. Initial results from a search for “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” in a medical research database are sparse. Which course of action is ideal?
Change the subject to a different sickness or condition.
Check a medical dictionary to discover if the illness has a recognized name.
In a web search engine, repeat the search.
To search, choose a generic research database.
Choose a different database for medical research to search.
Which of the following sources is least likely to be able to aid in your assessment of an author’s reliability for your history paper?
National Biography Dictionary
The American Scholars Directory
Modern American History Handbook
Index of Social Sciences Citations
Historians’ Blackwell Dictionary
The following extract serves the following purpose:
Four years after shocking the world by revealing they had cloned a sheep dubbed Dolly, scientists believe there is growing evidence that producing healthy animals through cloning is more challenging than anticipated. They claim that the issues with the created clones are frequently significant enough to worry anyone considering human cloning. These include immune system issues, cardiac defects, lung issues, and delays in development.
to educate.
to sway opinion or stir up feelings.
to display a range of viewpoints.
What must you do in order to locate nearly all of the articles that have been written on a particular subject?
Search a subject-related research database.
Search a number of subject-related research databases.
Utilize several web search engines.
Do a library catalog search.
the Internet.
How can I get the thing listed in this database record the greatest way possible?
Title: Pennsylvania public-private collaboration established to reduce smoking among expectant mothers
Health & Medicine Week, August 16, 2015, p. 1214, 3p.
Type of Document: Article
Formats: Full Text Citation PDF (209K)
To get the complete text, click “Citation”.
On the “PDF Full Text” link, click.
To get the entire text, click on the journal name in the “source” link.
You can borrow this book from another library.
Look for the journal title in your library’s catalog, and if it’s there, get a print copy from the library.
What time frame is this source referencing?
TITLE An Encyclopedia of Colonial America
Tanya W. Braithwaite, editor
IMPRINT 2015, Castle Publishing, New York, NY
Description: 4 v.; 29 cm; ill., maps.
NOTE Subjects covered include: African Americans, Agriculture Industries, Arts and Culture, British and Dutch Colonies, Economy, Business, and Labor, European Americans, Everyday Life, French Colonies, Geography, Health and Medicine, Military and Diplomatic Affairs, Native Americans (American Indians), Politics, Law, and Government, Spanish Colonies, Women and Gender Issues, Transatlantic Trade, Race and Ethnicity.
SUBJECT Encyclopedias — United States — Civilization — To 1783.
OCLC # 53289922.
LCCN 2003023235
2015 CALL NUMBER E175.D29
1950 and later
How can I get the item listed in this library catalog record the best way possible?
Authors: Jerome Lawrence, 1915-
Title: Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee’s “Inherit the Wind”
Details about the publisher: Dramatists Play Service, New York, 1958.
Available Main Library PS3523.A934 I6 1958
Title: 104, [2] pages: illustrations; 20 cm
OCLC#: 1601421
LCCN: 58000893
To access the entire text, click on the author’s name.
To access the complete content, click on the call number.
To access this article online, look it up in a database of periodicals.
Find the item in your library using the call number.
Call numbers are used to organize the majority of the books in academic libraries. Which of the following best represents books with identical or almost identical call numbers?
They all cover the same or related topics.
All of them are the same size.
The library bought them all at the same time.
The same author contributed to all of them.
You must compose a paper on how the European Union affects France. What kind of search are you conducting if you look for the term “European Union” and specify that it must be next to, immediately after, or within a certain number of words from the keyword “France”?
Which section of the book offers the most useful information if you need to know how many chapters there are in a book?
The book’s cover
the contents table
You want to read a printed journal article you found in the library at home, so you want to bring a copy of it with you. What would be the most suitable instrument?
printer in color
reader for microforms
USB stick

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