Saint Laurent Brand Analysis

Instruction to students:
Assuming the roles of business consultants you are to produce a 2,000 word written report and a 10-minute presentation (plus 10 minute powerpoint session) analysing the importance of a strong brand image and clear understanding of target customer in driving the profitability of a business.

The brand you are to focus on is “Saint Laurent”.

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Focusing on the 4 Ps (Price, Product, Place and Promotion) you are to analyse the retail environment and customer experience when purchasing at the given French Brand, assessing how the two factors have contributed to the brands performance.

Key areas of focus are:
• Brand Overview: The secret to a successful business is to have a strong brand image. Research into the French brand to gain a strong understanding of its history and future direction, analyse the brand image nationally (France) and internationally.
• Target customer: Conduct primary research and review secondary material to identify the target customer. Identify the brands primary target consumer.
• Retail Overview: Compare and contrast the retail environment (place and promotion) and the product range (price and product) of the brand online, at the Paris flagship store, another standalone store and a store selling on a wholesale basis. Suggest reasons for the creation of differing/similar retail environments, analysing the affects on the brand identity and overall financial success of the brand.
• Distribution strategy: Critically assess the appropriateness of the brands current distribution strategy in targeting their customer.

In writing the report, please follow the below recommended report structure:

Title page (not included in the word count): state name, course, unit, report title, number of
words, date submitted, unit leader.

Executive Summary (not included in the word count): a brief review of the project, its
context, research outcome (maximum 500 words)

Table of contents with page numbers (not included in the word count)

List of figures (not included in the word count)

Section A: Introduction (recommended word count of 300 words)
• A brief introduction to the project.
• Project aim and objectives: Clearly state the project research aim and objectives
• Research design: the secondary and primary research strategies and methods used
Section B: Body (recommended word count of 1,200 words)
• Analysis and presentation of primary and secondary research findings using appropriate quantitative or qualitative methods
• Key primary research findings should be presented using tables and visuals as appropriate
• Evaluate the retail experience and the appropriateness of Saint Laurent current distribution strategy in targeting their customer.

Section C: Research conclusions (recommended word count of 300 words)
• A review of research conclusions and their application to your aims and objectives.
Secttion D: Recommendations & final conclusion (recommended word count of 200 words) you are to give a recommendation on the brand (taking the role of a consultant).
UAL Harvard referencing style bibliography (not included in the word count)
Appendices (not included in the word count)

We are to focus on Men or Women I choose Saint laurent for Women for my project, you are also to focus on the flagship store (St Honore Paris Women boutique), one deppartment store (Printemps or Lafayette) and one multibrand location.

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